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Italian Food Joy, has closed a new agreement with a key partner.

Press Release: July 12, 2017

Black fresh truffles for gourmets, from Alba, shipped in EU countries.

Italian Food Joy, has just closed an agreement with Tenuta Ronzano, small and traditional company held by a family of truffle pickers from generations, to sell together these superfine products of the Langhe area, dealing with IFJ.

Ronzano is well-known and now provides to Italian Food Joy its Tuber Aestivum (high quality), also called black truffle from Alba.This is the most used truffle by chefs and gourmets. They all appreciate its aroma and flavour too.

This agreement allows Italian Food Joy to offer also a EU wholesale distribution for restaurants and professionals, thanks to the new section created on the website.The IFJ staff is ready receive "bespoke" requests and prepare any kind of quotations.

Italian Food Joy works as a retail and wholesale marketplace website. All the activities are supported by the lifestyle blog "Good habits and Quality foods", specialising in the Italian cooking style and more. For further information, visit our website, or send you request to info@italianfoodjoy.com
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