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IT Support Partner JMC Recognised by Best Companies with a Two Star Status

Press Release: February 01, 2010

JMC, an established IT support partner in the North of England, has been awarded a two-star status by Best Companies an established accreditation award scheme that acknowledges excellence in the workplace.

Based on staff feedback, it considers employee engagement as an integral part of a companys success and growth, and sets a benchmark for other employers. The accreditation scheme follows a Michelin star style system with companies awarded one star for first class, two stars for outstanding and three stars for extraordinary performance.

JMC has been a regular entrant on the listing since its inception. This year a record 1,086 organisations from the private and public sectors applied for Best Companies Accreditation, leading to a survey of over 270,000 employees. Of the 773 organisations that then achieved a star-rating just 140 achieved the Two Star Status.

Founder and CEO of Best Companies Jonathan Austin commented: We would like to congratulate JMC on their outstanding achievement. An engaged workforce is essential as organisations move out of the recession and into a more stable economic situation. No doubt many organisations have tackled redundancies and rapid change this year.

But organisations like JMC that have kept on engaging their staff and making sure they are involved in the business will be in a good position for the future and should be congratulated for their efforts."

JMC managing director Andrew Burgess commented: It is fantastic news that we have been awarded a star rating. Despite tough market conditions we have worked hard to continue to deliver a rewarding working environment, one that is appreciated by both employees and the wider business community.

When asked what he felt made the difference Andrew continued: We strive to provide a healthy and enjoyable workplace factors that I am convinced are key in ensuring we attract and retain talented and committed employees. With an average length of service of over nine years, well above the average for the IT industry, it seems to be working.

For more information about JMC and the services they provide, call on 0161 925 7777, or visit http://www.jmc.co.uk

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JMC has been providing IT support to organisations in the North of England since 1981. Helping to make IT make sense by delivering the necessary experience, resource and commitment to help its clients face their challenges and achieve their ambitions.


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