Home It’s unfortunate to see what is happening in the name of DISINFECTION, says Mr. Shubham Karnani, Technical Director of a reputed 50 year old chemical manufacturing company.

It’s unfortunate to see what is happening in the name of DISINFECTION, says Mr. Shubham Karnani, Technical Director of a reputed 50 year old chemical manufacturing company.

Press Release: May 27, 2020

Kolkata, May 2020 –The COVID-19 situationhas become a hunting ground for various mushroom companies that emerged out of nowhere and started selling products or concepts with minimal or no scientific background. It seems like people today wouldbuy anything in the name of fear of death without applying a basic sense to know whether it is really going to be beneficial or not.

Disinfectants are extremely scientific products just like any drug or medicine. Would you ever pop-in a pill if some random trader or reseller came and told you it is good for you?

Never, right! Then why now?

Disinfectants in today’s time is nothing less than life savers, as they mitigate the chances of infection, but to choose the right product for your family needs a checklist:

  • The disinfectant should be manufactured by a licensed company having a drug license number
  • The label should clearly say what is the composition of the product
  • The composition should be in accordance with the list of recommendations by the following authorities:
    • CDC (Centre of Disease Control)
    • WHO (World Health Organization)
    • HIS (Healthcare Infection Society)
  • The composition must be backed by NABL accredited laboratory test reports
  • The manufacturer must have the following license and/ or certifications
    • Drug Controller of India License
    • ISO 9001, 14001, 18001
    • FSSAI License (for food contact disinfectant)
    • GMP Certificate

The COVID 19 disease is here to stay for a decade or more. So it is important that we all educate ourselves on the basics of disinfection and sanitization. It’s important to learn that not all disinfectants are virucidal in nature (the one that kills virus such as the coronavirus).

There are various types of popular disinfectants available in today’s market which are merely germicidal and not virucidal. They only kill germs and not viruses, what we are currently fighting.

A study conducted by the Healthcare Infection Society published online on 06.02.2020 on the Coronavirus revealed that – a chemical called as Benzalkonium Chloride or BKC(CAS No. 68424-85-1) at 0.2% concentration commonly found in the most popular floor disinfectants is completely unable to inactivate the human coronavirus (HCoV) even after a 10 minutes of exposure in a suspension test.

It’s more shocking to know that the manufacturers of Benzalkonium Chloride (the chemical which does not work on the Human Coronavirus alone) are having huge pending orders and they are unable to meet the market demands.

Mr. Karnani further added that people should get themselves trained by attending various webinars on disinfection, watch relevant videos, readarticles or simply trust the experts from the industry. As a miss-fire on the virus can cost you and your family.

Bio-security is in your hands and not in the hands of your housekeeping contractor. There is a difference between cleaning and disinfection. Ironically, the coronavirus can stay active on a clean hard surface for up to 9 days as per WHO and Healthcare Infection Society.

Viruses have always beenin the hospitals, but we never heara hospital going for a lockdown. Have you ever thought why? Simply because they know how to disinfect. Simply using the right product we all can protect ourselves and the society at large. Because my hygiene is now your business!

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