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“It is important to Focus on What We Know”, Emphasizes Shivam Singh on Entrepreneurship

Press Release: June 20, 2020

Shivam told his professional career focused on digital marketing. He runs TechGrits and Orient Digital Media


Behind the poses posted on Instagram, Shivam Singh not only dominates but is always on top of advances in digital marketing, a segment that has strengthened companies during quarantine and favored the creation of new businesses. The influencer is one of the minds at the head of the Orient Digital Media.


But, until he managed to become an entrepreneur and a good understanding of the subject, personality launched himself into the opportunities that came his way. Shivam has a degree in Master Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Ip University in Delhi. “I didn't know if it was exactly what I wanted, but I thought it was important to try it”, he recalls.


Over the course of two years, he learned to lead a team, an essential skill for those who want to undertake, according to Shivam. Despite feeling satisfied with the job, the desire to own the business spoke louder. “It was my big dream and it was in my vein”, he remembers.


He knew that sooner or later the universe of entrepreneurship would infect him: “It would end up happening to me”. However, before starting a personal project, the personality considered it necessary to understand how a company worked in order to conduct his own.


At the age of 23, after graduating from college, Shivam became an entrepreneur. “I opened my first marketing consultancy agency, branding, and other matters relevant to the segment”, he says.


The young man know-how was expanding, which motivated her to move to other areas. However, she was faced with a discovery: “Whoever is an entrepreneur will understand me, we want to do many things, but the most important thing is to focus on what we know, it is the most important thing”, he explains.


Five years have passed. At 27, Shivam recognizes himself as “extremely accomplished in the professional area”. In his point of view, he believes she is lucky to have found, still in her youth, what he wanted (and likes) to work.



The entrepreneur understands how complicated the process of discovering the profession can be. But self-knowledge helped his get there: "It was what I always wanted". Currently, Shivam commands two companies, TechGrits, and Orient Digital Media. “I play two projects. In fact, they go together a lot ”, he points out.


“We don't pretend to be a big agency. We like this close contact with our clients. It makes a difference in the day-to-day participation in the strategic part, to develop plans with influencers and how to generate content for the brand. We serve our customers in a 360 way and solve everything in house ”, he reinforces.


However, Shivam does not intend to limit his work to just the two agencies. “There is a future project. I've been taking it out since last year. I can't tell yet, but I say that it is international and very interesting ”, he stresses. As he defines, one of his virtues is to be ambitious, a reason to want to experience new career successes. “My head doesn't stop. I have many plans, but all within my area and the umbrella of communication ”, he points out.


“There are no limits within the digital environment, as it allows for an infinite number of possibilities and types of content. The world has become small ”, he warns.


Not settling for what you have already achieved and looking into the future are some of the ingredients of Shivam's professional success, which are fully reflected in his entrepreneurial career. He talks about always thinking about the next step, but he only manages to reconcile all the ideas and activities of daily life with organization, a fundamental point for those who want or already lead their own business.


“I write down all of my appointments, meetings, and tasks to be performed. My to-do list is huge and organized ”, advises Shivam. Although he manages the routine well, there are days when situations do not occur as imagined, as explained by the influencer. In the entrepreneur's assessment, at this point, it is worth looking at the issues resolved.


“Sometimes we feel like we can't handle everything, but in the end, everything works out. We have managed, with our strength, to resolve any issues. Nothing to blame, since the man tends to this feeling ”, he ponders. In addition to TechGrits, ODM and new projects, Shivam Singh is a digital influencer.


Creator of Digital Content

Personality has more than 12 thousand followers on Instagram. In publications, admirers follow subjects such as travel, but also themes of entrepreneurship. The term digital influencer has gained popularity in recent years. Shivam, in turn, considers himself a communicator and strives to transmit interesting content as much as possible: “The most important thing is to be real and not a character.”


“I was born professionally in the digital age. When I started with the blog, the concept was still very incipient, they didn't even know the subject very much. I followed the entire transition and growth of the market, together I became a digital influencer ”, emphasizes Shivam.



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