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Israeli Lens Magazine – A Celebration of 12 Issues

Press Release: September 23, 2015

12 months have passed since the inaugural addition of Israeli Lens Magazine, Israel’s first English language fine art photography magazine. Featuring the works of up and coming Israeli photographers along with contributions from artists from across the globe, the Israeli Lens Magazine has showcased numerous works from a broad spectrum of different photographers in a quick 12 month period.

Across the previous 12 issues, a single concept has being explored and experimented with, resulting and a wide range of different interpretations of the subject. Not only that, but handy photography tips, tricks and general advice related to the subject is also found within the various articles – allowing readers to not only appreciate the fine photography skills on display, but educate themselves better on the subject in the process.

Home-grown talents from Israel have found a new avenue in which to exhibit their work, which has been enjoyed from readers throughout the world. Each issue shares a similar path, but are entirely different from the last thanks to the rich diversity of Israeli photographers who are eager to share their rendition of the concept laid out in each issue. The previous issues have displayed a stunning array of contemporary and fine art photography, creating an amazing catalogue of publications over the 12 issues.

Thanks to a working partnership with Magzter Inc, one of the largest and fastest growing online self-service, cross-platform digital magazine store and newsstand, Israeli Lens Magazine continues to flourish since its inception 12 months ago. With more than 26 million subscribers, Magzter provides the perfect outlet for art and photography enthusiasts across the world enjoy the best of Israeli photography.

"Publishing magazines on creative fields like art and photography is an intricate art by itself. Israeli Art Market and Israeli Lens magazines have been successful in creating a strong platform for Israel's artists and photographers by taking their works to readers all over the world on Magzter. With strikingly unique photographs and paintings packed in every issue, these magazines are all set to gain more fans." - Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc.

Founder and CEO of Israeli Lens Magazine, Dafna Navarro sees the truly amazing opportunities the partnership with Magzter provides. The company has a large presence in many of the world’s biggest countries, including the United States, many European countries such as Germany and France, along with many Asian nations – with plans to expand throughout the globe.

"As our main objective was to take our magazines to global readers, we needed to choose a well-established company that would help us to develop faster. We are most pleased to partner with Magzter, which gives us an amazing online exposure with its 26 million subscribers and helps us in growing our audience bases for our magazines -- Israeli Lens & Israeli Art Market." - Dafna Navarro, CEO & Founder, Israeli Lens & Israeli Art Market.

The partnership is certainly paying dividends, and with big plans in store for the future of Israeli Lens Magazine, its looks set to flourish even more. Despite being in its infancy, the magazine has made waves in the short time it has been available on Magzter, showing the continual growth the magazine is experiencing.

"Israeli Art Market and Israeli Lens magazines have made a mark on Magzter in such a short duration, thanks to their stunning photographs and adorable coverage of contemporary art forms. These magazines not only motivate budding photographers and artists by publishing their creative works, but also help them to get into the next big league by providing useful tips." - Vijay Radhakrishnan, President, Magzter Inc.

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