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ISO 9001 The Process Approach to Quality Assurance

Press Release: March 31, 2020

DD MM YY, Place: InfoCompany is a trusted platformhelping its clients gain ISO 9001, which is one of the best approaches towards the internal quality assurance. It has begun working towards the compliance sector rigorously since 2013, whereasits founding members already have around 20+ years of industrial experience in fields like sales, marketing, corporate laws, finance, and operations.

InfoCompany’s main mission is to take the most advantages of the given technology and the skillset of its employees and put it into the use of the ISO 9001 industry standards and norms to ensure that there are equal safety and security in everything that relates to collecting, storing, and then eventually processing that database. With such vivid and transparent procedures inculcated in the InfoCompany’s team, this organisation also focuses on reducing any non-strategic or strategic in their control, leading to better accountability tags for their clients in front of the targeted audience.

One of the founding members has also said, “In regards to the ISO 9001, we are focusing on optimising the entire compliance management programs for our dear clients that are like our partners. Within this program, we generously offer knowledge on paperwork requirements, keep up with the transparency, mitigate the risk of breaching of contracts, and help our clients to adhere to the industrial and corporate laws they might not be aware of. After that, we also take into consideration policy-making projects, auditing, speculating, evaluating, and monitoring of the regulations and maintenance of company standards.”

We regard this company as one of the gems in the market today. This statement is fully backed by the type of projects they manage and the testimonials that are left behind their clients. Apart from that, InfoComply also offers solutions about GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and ISO270001 to keep every company intact and ready to withstand any threat like changesin laws, regulations, and rules by the government itself.


Any company which might be small or big can partner with InfoCompany for the purpose of keeping their industry norms and standards inline with the laws and compliance work that is set by the country’s government. They have a variety of plants that every company at any stage of its lifetime can take, or at least ask for a consultation before final purchase.

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Website: https://www.infocomply.com/products/compliance-program-management/

Email: hello@infocomply.com

Phone: +1 800-211-8050



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