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IslandofPromises - The Interactive 3D Website for Promises

Press Release: August 02, 2016

IslandofPromises - The Interactive 3D Website for Promises
IslandofPromises, a virtual 3D website that is striking out on a new, innovative path. The website is interactively connected with Unity3D gaming software. What's more, IslandofPromises does not use a game server but a web server, which enables lower costs.

www.IslandofPromises.com (IoP) has been created to publish promises. Never mind if somebody likes to stop smoking, lose weight or promise tolove the partner for the rest of his life. The website aims to support the promise giver by increasing his motivation. Positive feedback from friends will also help to fulfill the promise.

The mystic tropical island is equipped with palms, temples, ancient statues, shipwreck and more. The state-of-the-art Unity 3D software that has been borrowed from the world of gaming animates the island. In addition, more than 20 different 3D gimmicks such as flowers, candles, windmills, teddy bears and others are available to choose from. They are decorating the site where the billboard is presenting the promise.

IslandofPromises provides a book to post messages, helpful reminder services and personalized billboard design.The user also has the option of uploading other adornments such as photos or a biography, protecting the billboard with a password, and more.

In the basic plan IslandofPromises is for free.

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