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Is Your Wearable More Than A Tracking Device?

Press Release: February 03, 2017

When heard the word ‘Wearable Apps’, what usually strikes our mind is the concept of fit bands. Because the tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have already come up with some major smart bands and wearables. So wearable app development is inevitable to grow further in your business. Apple Watch App development is just an example which feels like a revolution right now.

But one needs to understand the wider and broader concept of the same. What this technology can do to you and your life is unimaginable. One would definitely love to avoid the hustle of wallets, cash and cards. So imagine yourself paying the coffee bill with just a button click on your watch.

Not only this, it would definitely fancy you imagining yourself as going to a meeting with your client without carrying the laptops, pendrives, notes, pen and paper. All you need to do is wear glasses that would give you all the details starting from client name, title, his business, last meeting held, reviews, last order placed and every tiny detail of the client.

The above mentioned scenarios are not improbable, dubious, futuristic pipe dreams; they are in the pipeline realities. Most of these technologies are either already implemented or in the beta testing for the release in the near future.

Giving new shape to Wearable Tech

After learning a bit about these latest technologies, one may conclude that the wearables have a really very bright future, but whether it will be able to hold itself as a technology that will rule the future of enterprise development, is still a debatable matter. Manufacturers of wearables devices are promising that the business world will improve efficiency and productivity, but do they really deliver as well? According to the trends found by the Forbes, the numbers are promising so far — one study indicated that wearable technology could improve the productivity by 8.5 percentage and enhance employee satisfaction by 3.5 percentage.

So, whether you are a manufacturer, willing to plunge into the market of wearables or an app producer wishing to make the most out of expectedly growing number of supported devices, LetsNurture is here to provide all the help. Lets Nurture have plunged into the market of wearable app development with the making of the below wearable devices :

Activity Trackers
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