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Is Your Social Media Account Safe? Think Again!

Press Release: July 15, 2017

Every single social account is a mirror reflection of your private life, which on the other hand allure the hackers to hack your account, get your personal details and use it for their personal means. Therefore the concern of social account insecurities has led the major steps to make your account secure.

One must be proactive and swift to vandalize the threat of cyber-crime. There are various quick and simple steps that can be taken to keep your account secure.

1) Please do proper log out from your account when not in use. It is observed that after performing activities on social platform few of the individual’s forget to log out, which again increases the chance of getting their details leaked out and hacked.

2) Only use those accounts which you really do care about, this will reduce the number of accounts you are having, minimize the burden to remember the multiple accounts no. and password and last but not the least your personal details will not be scattered across the net, which in turns reduce the cyber insecurities.

3) Avoid using simple and easy to break the password. Peoples are creating the password which is very easy for the cybercriminals to break. Use of password manager can help to installed security in this area, this will generate the new password and store the existing one.

4) Don’t trust everyone on social media, there might be people who share the link and ask you to click it, which thereafter results in hacking and misuse of your account. While browsing any link on the page if at any point of time you feel unsafe, come out from the link immediately without clicking any buttons.

5) Don’t put any sensitive information about you over the social media and build the habit of not asking the same from the other account holders. You should be extra careful while setting your privacy setting. Check whether your page will remain open for all the traffic or only for your friends.

6) Check your emails regularly to see if there is any notification alerting that some intruder tried to access your account. In that case, change your password instantly.

7) Avoid attaching too many of third party accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. to your account. Keep these connections at a minimum and block the others which are not in use.

8) Make sure that the operating system and browsers are updated at regular interval so that your computer can be secured.

9) Be more preventive and cautious while using Wi-Fi in public places. Especially while spending time in the coffee house and using Wi-Fi network. It is suggested to use VPN network, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network, designed to provide a secure, encrypted tunnel in which to transmit the data between the remote user and the company network.

10) The use of two-way verification will also provide a great security system. In the two-way verification system, whenever you log in to your social account after giving your password a verification code is generated and is sent to your cell number which you have to retrieve and put it on, in order to get access to your account.

11) The use of social media management tools like Hootsuite which will help to give access to your employees without giving them login information. Each employee will have their own login details and they will not have the access to the main company password.

12) Turn off your location service in your apps. It is very easy to find out your location with the help of location service enabled in your apps. Disable the location detector in your apps to rest easier.

The above tips by Absolute Softech Ltd are very simple and easy to apply. These can prevent you from quite a good number of cyber-crime. When it comes to social media, people tend to be careless and thereby inviting the professional hackers to hunt their social accounts. That is why it is important to take every step discussed above with heavy consideration to keep you and your account safe. Account security sounds a tedious job but at the end of the day, it will leave you with a feeling of glad for choosing them.

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