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Is Your Garage a Dumping Ground?

Press Release: April 02, 2010

GaragePride has extended its range of residential garage storage products even further.

Stroll through a housing estate in the UK, upmarket or otherwise, and catch sight of an open garage door what will you see? In many cases it will look like the aftermath of a jumble sale that has just been hit by a passing tornado.

There will be a mish-mash of makeshift shelves and old kitchen cabinets of various sixties shades of colour with the doors hanging off. Bicycles may be in tangled heaps of handlebars and pedals on the floor waiting to be carefully extricated without bending spokes. There may be scruffy boxes piled up with long-forgotten contents and a folding workbench hanging precariously from a makeshift hook suggesting that the garage may occasionally be put to practical use. The car has been relegated to the driveway braving the elements.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

GaragePride now offers a wide range of garage storage products that can transform a garage into a useful, bright and attractive additional room whilst creating space for the car. A range of spacious metal cabinets in variety of sizes and colours can line a wall closing the doors on all that garage clutter.

Sturdy garage workbenches in colours matching the cabinets can be positioned against the back wall to provide hobbyists and do-it-yourself enthusiasts with the perfect stable working platform. Bicycles, stepladders, hoses and garden tools can be lifted off the ground onto specially designed wall brackets. As a final touch the floor can be laid with PVC floor tiles specially designed for the garage environment and in a pattern of colours limited only by your imagination.

GaragePride products can be purchased easily and securely online with cabinet and workbench national deliveries carried out free of charge.

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