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Is your car as safe as it should be?

Press Release: March 08, 2010

More than five million motorists are driving dangerous cars according to leading breakdown recovery operator Britannia Rescue.

In a recent survey it found that the most common faults were worn tyres, defective brakes and faulty exhaust pipes. This is worrying because worn tyres and faulty brakes can cause serious accidents and could lead to the car's owner being held responsible for any damage or injuries caused.

Amazingly, some 20% of drivers had known about the fault on their vehicle for more than six months but not bothered to do anything about it.

One in three said they could not afford to fix the problem whereas one in 10 said they did not have time to get their car repaired.

Whilst the survey does not confirm how many women drivers were involved, Steph Savill of female friendly garage marketing service FOXY Choice finds that many women drivers are so busy with family, domestic and job commitments that their car often loses out when it comes to fitting in maintenance and regular garage visits, commenting

"We know from the recent vehicle recalls by so many manufacturers, not just Toyota, that nearly new cars can have serious safety issues as well as older cars so, regardless of the car's age, women drivers need to remember to have them maintained and serviced regularly to be sure they are safe. Even those of us that are competent at checking our car's tyres, oil and water levels can miss important safety concerns because we don't have the professional eye to spot them."

Steph recommends that all motorists have their cars checked by garage professionals on a regular basis and adds

"A dangerous car can cause a serious accident that could kill or seriously injure the driver, passengers, pedestrians and the occupants of other cars. Women drivers who own a poorly maintained car may find that their insurer withdraws cover if it can be proven that the accident was caused because the car owner had not carried out regular maintenance or had it serviced often enough."

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