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Is Your Business Within the Law? Dont get caught out by Health Inspectors stay in the know with online training

Press Release: December 03, 2009

EU food hygiene legislation states that all food businesses, whether they are profit or non-profit, private or public sector, must all comply with their required levels of food hygiene. This is monitored by your Local Authority, which sends out Health Officers to carry out inspections on any premises that handle food.

On inspection, Environmental Health Officers will expect that staff can demonstrate their food hygiene training to this level. Failure to show adequate knowledge and compliance could result in, at the very least, a verbal warning; in addition to this, there will be more regular inspections of the premises all at the cost of time for the business. To the more serious; this can include a series of fines and possibly the closure of the business.

Such eventualities can be avoided by simply keeping your employees up to speed by holding online food hygiene training courses they are the most time and cost-efficient way of maintaining the standard of food hygiene that is required by the latest EU legislation.

High Speed Training is one of Europes leading e-learning providers and they specialise in these online training services.  All of High Speed Trainings food safety courses are certified by the Certification Service (Continuing Personal or Professional Development) and all of the courses are set at the level required to comply with EU legislation. They are divided into three professional food sectors - catering, retail and manufacturing - and they are run in accordance with the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for food safety. But do not worry if you are unsure which course would best suit your needs, as High Speed Training offer online help to ensure that potential candidates choose the correct course for them.

Gary Fowler from High Speed Training said: The courses meet legal requirements for training quickly, effectively and conveniently, leaving staff with the maximum available time to spend on the daily operation of the business and assuring business owners that their staff are performing at a level required by law in terms of food hygiene.

It is a fantastic way ensuring that people are always prepared for inspections and it gives customers peace of mind that they are in a clean and safe environment.

The courses are great news for small business, as staff can complete their courses individually at their own pace and students can access their learning at any time. Study can begin immediately as login details are sent instantly. Courses are priced at £25 plus VAT and discounts are available for those businesses who want to train their staff together. Upon completion, candidates will receive a Level Two Food Hygiene Certificate and if they are required quickly, it is possible to print out a copy there and then.

Not complying with legislation can be a very costly business in terms of reputation, time and money. Making sure that food hygiene training is up to standard need not be difficult or costly, but it will definitely be worthwhile for businesses who want to have their customers trust and accreditation from their Local Authority.

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