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Is TikTok India Banned forever? How Can it Make a Comeback in India? How Long Will it Take?

Press Release: September 12, 2020

Creativity indeed grabs the eyeballs of people in the blink of an eye. In the digital world, people first look at creative posts and decide to purchase products or services. TikTok clone is one the best platforms that allows people to attract their customers in a jiff. But, recently, the application was banned in India due to the security issues connected with using the software. This, in turn, has disappointed many people because they are not able to create awesome videos for posting.

Soon after the ban of TikTok by the government, they are now planning to increase the security of applications. If all the Chinese applications do not turn up with any revert till July 22 then the government has decided to ban them for a long time. All the reverts received from this software will eventually be provided to a particular platform made for the same, and thereby further decision will be given. 

TikTok clone app got around more than 250+ requests from India, and it constitutes around more than 80% of total requests. The application was discontinued from operations on June 22 2020. Ever since then, people are missing the application because they are not able to create thrilling videos. It is now unavailable on the play store for the end-users. 

Concerning the 69A section, the government officials have planned to remove around more than 50+ applications from play stores due to lack of security. With the increasing security issues, people’s account was in a problem by using the software for making videos. Founded by ByteDance, TikTok has now planned to make a comeback by enhancing the security levels in its functioning. Apart from India, the USA has also discontinued the use of this short video app for its citizens. If the sources are to be believed then it can be said that the application is planning to set up its business to operate at another place. Currently, TikTok owns numerous offices at different locations such as Mumbai, London, to name a few. 

Benefits of using short video for digital marketing:

In today’s digital world, people get enthralled by images and gripping videos. Especially when it comes to food or cosmetic based business, the stunning images grab everyone’s attention in the blink of an eye. With the ban of TikTok clone script, the Instagram platform has rolled out the wonderful reels which enable people to create impressive short videos to take their business marketing to the next level. In the fast life, people can easily check the videos which run for a few minutes on the social media platform. 

1. Videos reach the top in search engines: 

When you add mesmerizing small videos, your business tends to move at the top position on search engine platforms. The giant Google now owns YouTube and this is also the reason why videos will play an important role in taking your business to the next level in very less time. All you need to do is include the salient features of your business in your videos. Furthermore, you can also redirect visitors to your website to gain good profitability. You must also add amazing options to convince a visitor to take the next process of buying the services and goods from your online store. So, you just have to discuss with the dedicated developers to include smashing features while planning for TikTok clone development

2. Videos are the best option to tell a lot about your company in a short method: 

As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to roll out a fresh product or the services, then the best option is to make thrilling short videos instantly for getting huge traffic on your website. Most of the business owners who make optimum use of short videos tend to explain a lot about their services in just a few minutes of attractive images running in the video platform. You can also opt for adding marvellous animation in the videos. It is also a wonderful source of entertainment for social media users.

3. Best option to market any of your upcoming event: 

If you are planning to organize a wonderful event, then it is best to get the attention of the audience by making impressive short videos. In this way, you will enhance marketing in a fraction of seconds. The best part is that word of mouth marketing of your business also increases with videos. Say, for instance, if you add a short video on your website and make it viral on social media accounts, then numerous people will start viewing it. Furthermore, if your followers find the video attractive, then they will again re-share it on their social media accounts. It will boost your business promotions at the speed of light. TikTok clone script is one of the best in class platforms to start creating short and beautiful videos. 

4. Videos help you to launch a new product in very less time: 

Yet another advantage of using short video applications for your business is that it helps you to roll out the new product efficiently. By using the attractive filters, you can also make the videos more compelling for the visitors and prospective customers. Creativity is the best form of including marvellous features that will appeal to the visitors to products and services you sell from your online platform. Even the top brands make use of video marketing for reaching out to a wider audience in a few seconds. One of the best parts about the video is that people can run it by sitting in a cab or during break time at office hours. You can also walk your customers through the creative minds behind the launch of a particular new product or service that you plan to launch on your online business store. 

Final Words 

Now you know about the advantages of choosing short video apps for taking your business to the next level. It is the best method that lets your business spread the wings in very less time. It is vital to include stunning features in your videos to keep your visitors hooked till the end. You also need to include creative emojis or other similar options as per the products and services you sell. The higher the impressive things in a video, the higher the views it gets on your website at a rapid pace. It is vital to carry out proper research about TikTok clone app development companies by reading the reviews. The dedicated developers will help you to create the videos as per your business needs.

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