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Is This The Answer To Britain's Ever Increasing Weight Problem?

Press Release: March 25, 2010

Shocking news this month has shown alarming statistics around obesity in the UK. This is a problem, which is just not going to go away.

The government predicts that by 2025 1/2 men and 1/3 of all women in the 21-60 year old bracket will be obese.

And it's not just the UK.

In November 2009 statistics show the US spent $86 billion on obesity related illness and by 2018 this figure is set to increase as a predicted 1/2 of US adults will be obese.

So with all the knowledge and the diets and the pills why is there a continued increase in the number of people who are overweight?

Research Shows The Five Main Reasons for Weight Gain Are:

1. Eating faster.
2. Portion Sizes
3. Stress
4. TV
5. Late Nights

1. Eating Faster;
We all know the world has changed and we live in a faster more critical world than ever. Our children generally have 2 or 3 things on the go at once from texting, web social sites and playing computer games. Eating is a distraction which people seem compelled to complete quickly. Long gone are the days families sit round the table for dinner and if they do it's a race to squeeze it all in. Our working lives are busy and we often find our lunch break is taken up with tasks and life and little time to sit and eat.

2. Portion Sizes
The World Cancer Research Fund found burgers in restaurants have doubled in size since 1980. For some reason our conscious minds do not like to see anything left on the plate especially when we have gone out for a meal and paid out our hard earned cash.

3. Stress
The University of Helsinki studied 9,000 workers and found those who were stressed put weight on. News reports continually highlight how stressful 2009 has been for most people.

4. TV
An inactive lifestyle and snacking has contributed to people putting on weight. The recommended amount of activity is 30 minutes 5 times a week. If you want to actually lose weight this needs to be increased to an hour. By the time the working day is over and especially with the dark winter evenings most people just want to get home to the warm and get the telly on.

5. Late Nights
The University of Chicago found that lack of sleep increased the hormone ghrelin. This hormone is responsible for making you hungry.

So what will help us lose weight in the future?

Research dating back over the last 20 years has proved hypnosis can be a key to people attaining their goals and losing weight. It has been proved hypnosis can improve self esteem and well being and allow a person to feel better about themselves and the way they feel and look. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind to receive comments and suggestions to change any negative thoughts.

Self hypnosis is the ability to listen to a CD or DVD and allow the mind to achieve the same state as hypnosis.

The process of self hypnosis is generally achieved over a period of time about 21 days. Over that period of time the mind is given ways to change the negative info stored in the sub conscious part of the mind.

As far back as 1985 studies have been carried out into hypnosis and its links with weight loss;

Journal of Consulting & clinical Psychology 1985
109 people were given behavioral treatment for weight management, some with hypnosis and others without. Both groups lost weight. After 8 months and 2 year follow ups the group involved with hypnosis continued to lose significant weight whilst the other group showed little change.

1996 University of Connecticut Journal of Clinical Psychology completed 5 studies and found hypnosis more than doubled the effect on weight loss.

Hypnosis has been recognised by the NHS as a successful method in treating those who suffer from allergies, obesity and addictions.

Could this be the answer to your weight problem? If you look at the 5 key causes of weight gain above, all of these can be resolved with self hypnosis.

Through self hypnosis you will learn a time proven method of changing your sub conscious thoughts to allow you to eat slower, leave food on your plate and not feel guilty about it, be more relaxed, stop watching TV and snacking at home and allow your mind and body to drift into a deep restful sleep. You will learn how to be more self confident, have more self belief and finally lose the weight you desire.

As you can see all the things you will achieve are linked to the key reasons people put on weight.

Is it time we all tried something, which research has shown really does work?

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