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Is Investing in Property still lucrative for UK investors?

Press Release: December 27, 2017

London, England – December 27, 2017

The year 2017 surely has been eventful for the UK property market.It started with the Brexit vote and then the removal of tax-relief on mortgages for higher-level taxpayers. It was followed by introduction of stricter rules on lending for larger scale investors in the by-to-let market. Most recent was the Budget announcement that stamp duty has been scrapped for all first time buyers on properties worth up to £300,000.
No wonder most investors have paused for a moment to weigh up their UK assets. Keeping confidence in the UK property market, there is so much for investors to gain as long as their calculations are correct.
The UK property market has been suffering due to the high rates, especially in the residential market whereas the commercial property market is not much affected. Currently, huge number of businesses cannot afford to buy or probably won’t choose to buy properties as they do not have quite a good grip over their finances.
The UK investors can however continue to make profits by investing in the property market. With a weak pound, it moreover offers an exclusive opportunity for overseas investors to invest in the UK property at a comparatively low rate.
Of course, it is essential that investors ensure that their investment is the right one and choose the right type of property in the right area and at the right price.
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