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Is gender equality still a myth?

Press Release: August 24, 2020

How far have we come since the battle of Sabarimala was won?

Kolkata, W.B., August 24, 2020—The September 28, 2018 commenced the journey of India’s battle toward gender equality and woman empowerment. The Supreme Court’s judgment declared that woman are not impure when they menstruate thus they are allowed to enter into the premises of Sabarimala temple. The revolutionary statement that made India stand up against all those rotten criticism and gender chauvinistic people howl.

While half of India celebrated the victory over injustice and orthodoxy. A few could not handle the revolution and that’s when the country’s rage and narrowness rose up because India was not ready to welcome the change. On November 14, 2019, after around a year, the final judgment came that supported the judgment of September, 2018.

It’s been almost a year since the verdict revolutionized India and shoved all those dominant voice against woman. But is India ready to accept this revolutionized step? Did India really won the battle?

A feminist will probably say that India is ready to be revolutionized by bottling up the rotten orthodox mentality. However, just visit a temple with your mom when you are menstruating. See what she has to say. The truth is India is yet shackled by the orthodox mentality and dominated by the burden of their own values, rituals, prejudices, criticisms ad above all the fear to stand out against the crowd. You family might accept all your new age revolutionized ideas but the sole question that will rapture everything will be—“Will society accept it?”

Ignatius Pereira in his book Sabarimala: Umpteen Claims on the Eighteen Steps beautifully creates an aura where one finds the answer for, “Will the society accept?” A grasping non-fiction account boggles up with the awe-inspiring words that are garland into some mind-changing and long-lasting essence of freshness. The book tells the story of the famous Sabarimala Temple in Kerala that is now one of the biggest pilgrimage destinations in the world. Irrespective of caste and creed, devotees go there to worship Lord Ayyappan who as per Hindu myth is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in his female form Mohini.

It is true that India still has to walk through a long thorny road just to reach to the destination where the revolution starts. Nevertheless, these little steps are the foundation.

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Relive the memories to be ready for the battle.

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