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Is Children's Martial Arts a Cure for the Growing Obesity Epidemic?

Press Release: April 08, 2010

If you think children's martial arts sounds a bit extreme, you may think again after reading the following research.

In an official survey by the NHS, it was discovered that 16.6% of boys and 16.7% of girls aged under ten are obese. Children's fitness is also declining by 9% a decade, this imposes a big risk to the health of future generations. Being physically active is vital for good health and well being, but with so many youngsters glued to the TV, computer games and the increasing amount of fast food consumed, ill health, obesity, insomnia and diabetes in children are all on the rise in the UK.

The UK Government recommend one hour of exercise a day for children, but with schools spending less time on sport because of initiatives designed to promote literacy and numeracy, it becomes the parents responsibility to ensure their children are getting enough exercise. One increasingly popular choice is children's martial arts, not only for the health benefits - choosing the right club could set your child up for a healthy, happy future. Let's consider the benefits of martial arts for your child. 'Focus', helping your child to concentrate and achieve. 'Discipline' learning appropriate behaviors and the skills to control behavior. 'Fitness', in a fun, safe environment, martial arts training can be safer than most school sports. 'Teamwork', working and integrating with other children. There are numerous other benefits, but of course it depends on the club you choose.

Before you go running off to your nearest children's martial arts club, have a think about the following before making your choice. Check the instructors qualifications and ensure they are CRB checked. Do they have experience teaching children? Visit the club to see if it is well maintained and in a suitable venue. Check pricing, enrolment fees and any contracts, ensuring there are no tie-in clauses. Ask if your child will be insured. Note politeness of staff and finally, ask if they have a child protection policy.


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