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iRiverStory the exciting eBook Reader is now available at 5050.ie, Ireland

Press Release: December 09, 2009

In addition to being an eBook reader, the iRiver Story can also be an MP3 player, image viewer, voice recorder, notebook, and diary.

The E-Inks large, eight shade greyscale display is easy on your eyes, emitting no light and using no power to display. The interface is stylish yet simple so that you can read it with little distraction.

The casing has a comfortable grip and appropriate proportions, keeping in mind that you've been reading books of a certain size and shape your whole life. Page-turning buttons are placed at your thumbs to make the process as smooth as possible. Energy isn't consumed by the hour it is consumed by the amount of page turns. You'll read over 7,000 pages before you have to charge again.

This eBook reader device supports all the most commonly used book formats PDF, TXT, and EPUB. The iRiver Story also supports JPEG, BMP, and GIF. Even office files such as DOC, PPT, and XLS are readable on the eBook.

Out of the box, the iRiver Story's 2GB memory holds around 1500 books. Your SD cards of any size can be inserted into the eBook's built-in slot to give you even more space to store your books, music and other files.

All of the iRiver Story's additional functions are fully supported. A full QWERTY keyboard makes editing documents quick and easy. Even though it has the ability to project sound through a speaker, an audio jack assures that the device is practical for those on the go and it has no problem letting you hear your music as you read.

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