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Irisys ensures effective people counting solution for Peak Hours

Press Release: August 16, 2017

Northampton, Northamptonshire August 16, 2017 - Irisys is a firm that offers a spectacular range of solutions to maintain the security of your premises. Besides, it offers better people management systems with professional services.
People counting solution should posses the feature of accurate counting on the entrance and exits. It is essential to install such systems for public places and platforms. Prominently, as it allows free flow of passengers and helps to keep appropriate record of it.
As per a spokesperson, "technologically advanced systems enable to monitor the number of visitors when you have large bunch of people flowing in and out of the premises."
Irisys's systems have the potential to precisely capture an image and analyse it. This attribute makes it all the more appealing for using at public spots. Besides, it has the ability to trace an individual in a huge crowd. This makes it all the more convenient if you are looking for someone.
Irisysmakes the task of tailgating simpler as the functions of the system controls the number of people entering the premises. Apart from this, you acquire relevant information about the platforms.
The system helps you to gather sufficient data about which spots are heavily crowded and at what time on the platforms. This detail is very much important when you plan to place a ticket window or passenger information desk.
Above all, the system helps you to minimise traffic during peak traffic hours as visitors travel more smoothly through the platforms.
Infrared Integrated Systems Limited offers the largest people counting and queue management solutions across the world. Most of the organisations prefer to install Irisys solutions.
Irisys have their roots in the UK but they export nearly 80% of their products all across the globe. They have been bestowed with the highest British business Award for their exceptional performance.
To learn more about Irisys you can log on to their website. If you have a personal query or want some additional information you can fill up query form on:http://www.irisys.net. You can also call on 44 (0) 1604 594 200 for further details.

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