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Irish Invention - Outboard Warden - Selected By Barrus Marine To Prevent Engine Thefts

Press Release: September 13, 2016

OutboardWarden, developed by Irish inventor, engineer, and boating enthusiast, Kevin Hennessey, the new system will protect, detect and track an outboard anywhere in the world, updating the owner with a mobile app.
OutboardWarden uses the latest digital, wireless and GPS technology to keep a watch over an outboard - 24/7/365 The Patented system creates an invisible wi-fi bond between the engine and the boat.
Once broken the alarm is raised "It's like a digital padlock" inventor,Kevin, of Youghal, Cork confirms: "One that shouts 'help I'm being taken' on the internet superhighway! And then provides GPS tracking!" Owners will know exactly where their engine is headed and can share that information with appropriate authorities.
OutboardWarden will be able to track the whole journey, increasing the chances of a successful prosecution and return of the engine Kevin reports: "Insurance companies tell us claims are getting out of hand and so they expect premiums to increase, unless a tracking system is in place" , says Hennessey
According to Ben Allen, General Manager, Barrus Marine Division, outboard theft has been on the increase in recent years "We are delighted to help Kevin launch his system here in the UK and are happy to use our influence to help him get traction:
" As the foremost supplier of outboards in the UK, Barrus gets the first to call to replace a stolen engine. "We work closely with the insurance companies to get a new outboard shipped and fitted quickly", says Ben "But discovering your engine has been stolen is a nightmare that we can help avoid with the new, OutboarWarden system"
Kevin, who has 7 years experience helping secure luxury boats and yachts with his company - BoatWarden, has taken increasing calls from police, insurance companies, marinas and boatyards confirming an increase in outboard engines being taken
Outboard theft is more widespread than boaters realise, with professional gangs who are stealing engines 'to order'. Marnia security is helpless as thieves paddle quietly to the selected boat and unbolt the engines, throw them aboard and paddle away. Next morning the engines are in a different country!
According to Kevin, inventor of OutboardWarden, "OutboarWarden is the perfect solution. And we look forward to helping the police capture and prosecute outboard thieves" "We had a tremendous reception at the 2016 London Boat Show where it was launched and now there is a waiting list!"
Barrus will be making OutboardWarden available across all it's dealerships, service outlets and chandleries To get further information or to be added to the waiting list, head over to: www.OutboardWarden.com
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