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iQ Property Services Offers FREE 1-Hour Consultation For Your Next Building Project

Press Release: August 14, 2020

Not all construction projects are the same. This is why it is very important for you to meet with prospective contractors first before signing into any project team-ups. IQ Property Services is offering free consultation for a total of 1 hour for your next construction project. This is a competitive offer considering how some contractors charge you for your very first meeting. During your consultation, you can actually choose to get to know the company, get tips about your construction project from valued experts, get a ballpark figure on how much your construction project is going to cost, and so on. This opportunity to get to talk with some of the best planning consultants Kent is a chance you must not miss out on.

Why iQ Property Services

Out of all planning consultants Kent, iQ Property focuses on one project at a time. This means that when you hire a team, this team won’t be working on any other project during your contract but yours. The focused energy and talent base will work well for you and your construction project because you may expect high-quality results, faster turnaround, and the attention that you deserve should there be any bumps along the way during your contract.

The rates of iQ Property compared to other planning consultants in Kent are also competitive. They can offer you value for your money without going overboard. Their team comprises professionals who, on top of proper training, have also had experience in working in other construction projects for years. This sort of security is something that can’t be matched by cheaper but also newer planning consultant in Kent.

Why Do You Need Planning Consultants

Construction projects, especially if they are large scale, can be overwhelming. If you do everything on your own: handle purchasing supplies, look for different manpower, and plan out the logistics, it will eat away your time. You will not have the energy to deal with your daily responsibilities.

The team at iQ Property can do everything for you so you only have to deal with one person. Your contractor can do the coordination, help you account for all the expenses, deal with transportation of supplies and manpower, and fix little problems that could be encountered during your construction project.


While it’s true that contractors charge a certain amount for managing everything for you, working with a set of experts can save you a lot of money. You lower the risk of making rookie mistakes. These mistakes can cost you a lot of money if you are not careful. You also benefit from the skill and experience of specialists in the field.

To book a consultation with iQ Property Planning consultants in Kent, visit their website at https://iqpropertyservices.com/. You can save up to £115 with their free first hour consultation offer.

The free offer also allows you to gauge whether or not their services are the right ones for your project. Enjoy a risk-free personal assessment of your project when you speak with their consultants today.

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