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Investing in CryptoCurrency is like a new job to most people

Press Release: November 29, 2019

Investing in CryptoCurrency is like a new job to most people, it takes a while until you really get to know the ins and outs of the business, but its really easy once you have what you need.

Trading Crypto these days seem old hat to some who have made millions and billions of dollars in the crypto space and you want to get in on it as well.

You have to have a Trading Account, you need to get a CryptoWallet (listed below) then you need to pick your investment, we like the ERC20 Coin Space, all new Companies with big upside and relatively short hold periods to make a very high ROI.

One of our Favorite Companies right now is iAstra Media Group with their iAstraCoin Symbol: "ASTRA", they are a real company, generating revenues, with a great product in the humungous Entertainment Space and their Broadcasting Technology Platform and their Coin technology platform is already fully integrated and in full operation working right now. The upside of the iAstra Coin is Tremendous.

We recommend all investors have some iAstra Coin "ASTRA" in their portfolios for long term appreciation, like any investment the investors who buy for the long term will ultimately see the largest returns. After all the people that initially invested in Bitcoin held for ten years and look at the returns Bitcoin has given those with the foresight to buy in when it was $.35 cents a coin, OMG can you imagine if you put $10,000 in back then.

Well we think that is going to be the Success of iAstra now growing globally, we think everyone should "Buy into the iAstraCoin "ASTRA" now.

First Thing You Need To Do is:

Register Your Trading Account on the Crypto Specialist Exchange (CSE)

There is only 2 things you'll need to start trading:

1. A Crypto Wallet
There are a lot of good ones but for sheer speed and ease of use for First time Crypto Investors and Seasoned Crypto experts we recommend you go to MetaMask (MetaMask.io) and get your Wallet there. Meta Mask is as user friendly and Secure as it gets allowing you to trade many CryptoCurrencies.

2. A Crypto Trading / Investing Account
This is the exact same thing as your Stock Brokerage Account, only this is for trading ERC20 Compliant Coins, the Crypto Specialist Exchange makes it as easy as buying a stock directly with no intermediaries. your going to be surprised how easy it is.

Open your account on the Crypto Specialist Exchange (CSE)

For More info you can call me directly and i'll walk you through the entire simple process.

Ron Flieshman
Equity Buyers Net
2183 Avenue of the Stars Ste 1175
Century City CA 90067

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