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Intuitive Tarot Reading™ by Anuritta Bhragavva, Instructor with Awakening Love Academy

Press Release: August 20, 2020

Learn Intuitive Tarot Reading by Anuritta Bhragavva, Instructor with Awakening Love Academy

Basic Course: 5-6th September, 2020

Advanced Course: 

Join Awakening Love Academy’s Intuitive Tarot Instructor Anuritta Bhargavva as she teaches Intuitive Tarot Reading Basic & Advanced Courses Online from Lucknow, India.


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What is Intuitive Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Card Reading is an ancient divination tool that helps to seen deepr and higher prspctives about life, relationships, health, money and everything that one expriences in physical reality. The founder of Awakening Love Academy, Romshri Ashesh has devised a higher way to approach Tarot cards that empowers us to receive high vibration guidance and provide answer to the ones we have being looking for. 







Think about TAROT as an inward meditative journey with enlivening exercises...

...then mix in ancient teachings, awakened reasoning...and intuitive abilities

...blended with Romshri's unique style and brilliance...

We prsent to you, Intuitive Tarot Reading™ Series with Anuritta!


What will one learn in 2 days workshop? 

This two days workshop will empower you to:

• Develop your intuitive abilities with Tarot cards

• History of Tarot Cards

• How to read tarot cards

• Learn to read cards for yourself, friends and clients

• Myths about Tarot Reading

• Major Mistakes Tarot Readers Often mak

• Structure of the Tarot Deck

• Court Cards

• Major & Minor Arcana Cards

• Reading Tarot Sprads

• Classic Example Sprads

• How to cleanse & energize your cards

• Additional Readings and Resources


When is it organized?

Basic course

Start Date: 5th September, 2020

End Date: 6th September, 2020 

Advanced course

Start Date: 8th September, 2020

End Date: 9th September, 2020 

Enroll at : anurita.bhargava@gmail.com
Contact: +91+9889001314


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