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Introduction of Real Estate Investor Email List from Mailing Data Solutions Can be a Game Changer in B2B Operations

Press Release: September 14, 2020

New York City, New York [14th September 2020]: Mailing Data Solutions launched a real estate investor email list for Business-to-business marketers on the look-out for real estate investors’ contact database. This email list was the latest email list of the company, released with the motive of being an efficient marketing tool in multi-channel campaigns.

The real estate industry is vast and with immense opportunities. The company constructed the email list over the concept of many businesses trying to locate investors in this industry. The contact information included a phone number, email address, mailing address, and fax of real estate investors.

The motive of the real estate investor’s mailing database was to connect businesses with active real estate investors according to business requirements. The benefit of outsourcing an email list is higher than that of an in-built email list. They support businesses in cutting down costs and saving up more time with resources.

The real estate industry values over $16 trillion. In the high volume industry, there are over 500,000 real estate investors in the USA alone. The industry never stops growing, and the growth has sped up more since the need for expansion in business property and second houses.

A real estate investor, who on average makes from $15,000 to $18,000 annually, has high-end decision-making power. This has led to more businesses adding them to their prospect list. There were 22 businesses in the industry that invested in the Mailing Data Solutions Real Estate Investor Email List in the first month of the launch.

These are the responses of the leading professionals from who were very first buyers of the Real Estate Investors Email list.

  • Paul Bonnet from a leading multinational company says - “It was time-consuming for us to locate real estate investors in the growing market, the email list from Mailing Data Solutions was just what we were looking for.”
  • Susan Boyle, from a manufacturing company, says - “It was one of the smartest investments we made, we could cut down costs and shorten our marketing cycle with this email list.”

About Mailing Data Solutions:

Mailing Data Solutions has been a leading data solution for over a decade. They have been playing a key role in providing B2B marketers with a prospect contact database, and data management services. They are a trusted data-partner to lead businesses in the USA and globally and still serve many new and upcoming businesses in the industry.

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