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Introducing UAE Top 10: United Arab Emirates Elite Brands Club

Press Release: January 25, 2017

Over the last decade, companies are competing at a much different level – that is, online. Digital marketing has the power to shape corporate identity in a way no other means of marketing can. As a result, web-savvy brands are fast taking over their markets, tapping into niches and trends which would otherwise be extremely difficult, or rather impossible. In United Arab Emirates, there is still room for brand establishment and expansion, as the local, flourishing market welcomes innovation and top players in all fields of business.

Following the success of USA Top 10 and UK Top 10, the Alpha2 Inc. is now proud to introduce the UAE Top 10, an exclusive group which aims to bring together “most trustworthy and reputable brands of the planet on one prestigious platform and establish the largest galaxy of renowned business entities” in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE Top 10 offers considerable advantages to its members, which include, but are not limited to, “immaculate digital branding, colossal web prominence, unshakable customer loyalty, decisive market control, pivotal edge over business competitors and un-tapping new markets.”

The Top 10 UAE businesses which will join the UAE Top 10 will benefit from “a lifetime opportunity of portraying and marketing themselves in convincingly persuasive manner, assisting them acquire new clients from all over the globe through multiple platforms.”

UAE Top 10 is already on the track of massive success, which is demonstrated by its powerful social media presence. Notably, its outreach on Facebook reaches 1.45 million each month; more than 1.2 million viewers of its Google Display Ads, and 300k Twitter reach.

UAE Top 10 yearly subscriptions include numerous perks and rewards, making for sound investments for all participating members, who wish to make a lasting impression and take hold of large market share in United Arab Emirates.

In addition to global, prestigious brands, local businesses will also be able to participate in the UAE Top 10, after the application process is overseen by the company.

To learn more about UAE Top 10, please visit: https://www.uaet10.com/

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