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Introducing the Upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Mobile App for Android and iOS

Press Release: December 02, 2020

Hyderabad – The leading provider of Cloud-based facilities management software, QuickFMS is pleased to announce its upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Module Mobile App, enabling office space optimization through your cellphone. The Hot Desking App is available on Android and iOS devices.

The upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Mobile App is equipped with features that will benefit both employees and the Office Admin and HR team. Employees can either download the application or work on the web version. Employees can now remotely reserve a vacant seat with their colleagues using the floor plan in three easy steps.

The QuickFMS Hot Desking Module Mobile App provides the perfect floor layouts for seat booking and shift planning to the HR and Admin teams. This enables Admins to implement optimum space utilization while maintaining social distancing protocols and enabling better collaboration between employees and individual project teams. Additionally, the app offers significant insights on occupancy data to save time and real estate expenses efficiently.

There is more to Hot Desking Software than just seamless desk booking, convenience, and flexibility. The software enables easy and quick desk reservations, conference room reservations, space availability tracking, creating and modifying hot desks, and much more for office employees. Facility managers can get precise reports detailing usage patterns of various resources like meeting rooms, storage spaces, etc. Hot Desking software allows multiple employees to use the same physical workstation during different time slots. Employees do not have a fixed desk and can choose where they sit each day.

The app has been designed to be very versatile and suitable for multiple sectors. Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies with spread out branches, retail showrooms of automobile companies, and sales outlets of companies, branded showrooms can effectively use the QuickFMS Hot Desking Module Mobile App.

QuickFMS has over 1.6 million users across over 60 organizations, most of which are Fortune 500 companies, in over 10 Countries. It leads the BFSI Vertical in India. Launching the QuickFMS Hot Desking Module App will enable Android and iOS users and PC users to access all software features and seamlessly utilize its benefits.

For more information, please visit: https://www.quickfms.com/hot-desking-software

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