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Introducing The Liberty Wristband - Hands free dog walking!

Press Release: November 25, 2016

We are so excited about our new product, The Liberty Wristband.

In this busy world of multi-tasking, the Liberty Wristband may be just what you need! Making life simpler, easier and more secure. Hold a drink and FaceTime while walking your dog!

LIBERTY WRISTBAND is a brand new innovative product from the USA. It has 4 key benefits:

1. It is safe, comfortable and secure for any sized dog.

2. Has the capability of quickly releasing your lead manually at any time.

3. Effectively relieves the hand or wrist from all work or stress related to hanging onto a lead or having to wrap it around a wrist. The dog owner then has the ability to completely relax their hands and enjoy a 100 % stress-free experience.

4. Safely supports the benefits of HANDS-FREE Dog Walking so that one can have an extra hand for a holding a mobile phone, drink or simply to keep a hand warm inside a pocket while being having to hold your dog’s lead in your hand.

Available in Black and Blue. One size fits all.

Now available from Lords & Labradors.

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