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Introducing the Haus Network

Press Release: July 29, 2019

The Haus Network is a brand new online platform – powered by Blockchain Technology.

The Haus Network provides free and paid services in the form of modules. The novelty here is that the development team and users can add modules in order to expand the network. This modular approach to design is what will drive innovation and adoption.

Currently, the following modules are available, with plenty more to come: an arcade, a marketplace, a peer to peer currency marketplace (much like localbitcoin), a bulletin board system.

The Haus Network respects the privacy of its users and encourages anonymous exchanges. None of our modules require the user to trade personal information for access! Registration is not a requirement in order to use our platform.

Another article will be released here to give Coinscribble readers early access, free of charge.

The Haus Network will become the driver for blockchain adoption.

Stay tuned for additional information about this exciting new platform. 🙂

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