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Introducing Space by Sched

Press Release: August 10, 2020


Atlanta, GA  (AUGUST 10, 2020) - Continuing with the ongoing mission to foster memorable events by providing tools that save event organizers time and energy, Sched is proud to announce their release of a new free scheduling tool, Space by Sched. This is a sleek, streamlined, free version of Sched will be an accessible reference and more of an at-a-glance reference for event participants to get an idea of schedules, speakers, and artists within an event. 


“Live and virtual events play a special role in our society as a way to bring like-minded people together. Right now, most organizations are facing significant budget cuts due to COVID-19 and the economic recession. We decided to make Space a 100%free product as a means to encourage creativity and spark inspiration within the Event Industry without having to worry about financial constraints. We hope that all of our products and especially our newest addition, Space, can help all event entrepreneurs to shoot for the stars.” said Marvin McTaw, CEO of SCHED. 


Sched will continue to offer expanded features and functionality with their paid plans for events. With the current environment shifting to lower cost, easy to use solutions, the creation of Space by Sched captures the essence of continuing to be part of a world where everyone involved with an event can be fully present and get the most from the opportunity of gathering together.


Events are where we get inspired, meet lifelong friends, find new opportunities and fall in love. While we move from large in-person gatherings to more intimate -and often virtual- events, they are still an amazing way to learn and grow. Space by Sched expands the ongoing goal to help more of this magic happen by empowering individuals and teams with software and digital tools.




Event organizers choose Sched to solve all their digital organization and management needs. Event organizers use Sched’s integrated software platform to communicate and engage with participants, empower speakers, manage seats, and create a cohesive, beautiful online presence for their conferences, festivals, meetings, conventions and trade shows. For more information, visit http://sched.com 


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