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Introducing PetCode – The Ultimate Pet Management System

Press Release: December 31, 2020

Santa Clara, CA: Today marks a special occasion—PetCode has just announced that their website is now live. After seven months of dedicated work creating the company from the ground up, the high-school-led team celebrates this huge achievement along with the opening of their email list. 

When asked about the launch, CEO Karan Dalal expressed his joy, saying that this milestone was a source of great pride. He added, “We saw a need for a tech-oriented pet management system, so we decided to fulfill that need with PetCode. Rather than wait for a better way to manage our pet’s data, our team went ahead and created it. We’re delighted to have come this far.” Chief Technology Officer Arnuv Tandon also weighed in, saying, “We created PetCode to be simple, beautiful, and user-friendly. We believe our system achieves that end and more. We’re already brainstorming ways to better users’ experiences, and we won’t stop until we finally feel like we’ve pushed the envelope as far as we can.”

To prepare for the launch, the PetCode team executed the following steps:

  • Hired an all student team consisting of experienced programmers, a skilled graphic designer, and content writer (CEO Karan Dalal, CTO Arnuv Tandon, Senior Software Architect Rishi Kothari, Senior Backend Developer Samuel Yuan, Senior App Developer Lucas Cai, Senior Web Developer Kai Chang, Director of Marketing Kate Estes, and Content Writer Shamoli Ghosh) 
  • Used Typescript, HTML, and CSS to create website’s framework
  • Designed a web layout with Figma
  • Created partner app that allows users to set health reminders, discover nearby pet opportunities, view QR tag scan locations, manage pet data, receive perks, and easily update contact information 

About PetCode: PetCode is a student-run start-up based in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in pet tech. Founded in April 2020, PetCode aims to take the stress out of pet ownership by allowing owners to centralize their pet’s information. Coupled with PetCode’s QR Tags, the PetCode system allows pet owners everywhere to live happier, worry-free lives.

Coming soon: Currently, PetCode’s leadership is focused on garnering press and social media hype for their product’s Kickstarter which is projected to launch late this year/early next year. CEO Karan Dalal is aiming to raise enough money to register the company as an LLC, establish relations with an overseas manufacturer, fund purchase orders, and advertise online. 

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