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Introducing a robust food delivery software for entrepreneurs

Press Release: December 22, 2020

RadicalStart has introduced a brand-new food delivery software - WooberlyEats for budding entrepreneurs who want to start an on-demand food-delivery business. The software is also useful for established restaurants where they want to digitize their service.

The food-delivery software makes it easy for the business owners to 

  1. Manage their delivery fleet 
  2. Automate payout process 
  3. Make their brand wider-reach
  4. Easily add and manage promo codes 
  5. Track all the orders made by customers
  6. Manage your menu seamlessly

The WooberlyEats - food delivery software is packed with an Eater app for customers, a Driver app for delivery partners, a web panel for the restaurant owners, and an admin panel for the business owners. 

The WooberlyEats - food-delivery software offers huge benefits, such as: 

  1. It is completely customizable. You can add new features and enhance the user interface suiting your business and customers. 
  2. You will be the sole owner of the script once you acquire it. 
  3. It has all the standard features to run the business efficiently and smoothly. 
  4. It is built to be scalable as the users grow. 
  5. Make the software suitable for the business of all sizes. 


The WooberlyEats - food delivery software is built with Flutter technology. The Flutter technology enables to build custom software in less time and create a native Android and iOS platform from a single codebase. 

About RadicalStart 

RadicalStart is a rental marketplace and on-demand platform development company. We develop our platforms with modern technologies using React, GraphQL, & Flutter. We provide complete tech support and make sure the app or website gets launched successfully. 

Our current products are RentALL, RentALL Cars, RentALL Space, Wooberly, and WooberlyEats.

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