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introduce all the details of this fantastic and innovative Horus X12S radio

Press Release: July 03, 2020

FrSky pilot MIJABA has been lucky and is in the betatesting program with an early access to the Horus X12S and is sharing with us all his experiences and sensations about this new and revolutionary radio that we think will provide people with a lot to talk about. The analyisis will consist of two parts: in the first one we'll talk about it's technical aspects and hardware, and in the second one, about the software and the operating system, along with some live tests and other features you might find interesting.

Without further delay, let’s introduce all the details of this fantastic and innovative radio.

Horus packs a huge amount of changes and new specifications that might really interest any style or skill level pilot.

The transmitter’s carry case, of very robust aspect and crash resistant, houses our treasured transmitter. It can be firmly closed through a couple of dead-bolt locks.

Once you open the case for the first time you’re greeted with the transmitter itself, very well protected, with its protective films on the screen. We can also find the charger with a European plug (selected by the customer on purchase), and a 2-point neck strap, as well as the keys to lock the case. Everything is perfectly fitted in its foam slot. That will avoid any movement inside the case while transporting it.

Once the transmitter is in your hands it seems smaller than it looked in the first pics that appeared on the internet, even though it’s still quite bigger than the Taranis. Anyways, at first sight you can already tell this is not a Taranis, it’s serious business.

The sides of the Horus incorporate a rugged and slip-resistant rubber, right where we place our hands. Furthermore, at the back of the transmitter there’s a metallic support, which is ideal for when you want to put the transmitter on a table. Some small rubbers avoid scratching the transmitter when on the table. The already mentioned metallic stand can also be used to carry the transmitter more comfortably.

The front panel is made of perfectly mechanized aluminium with a matte texture that houses the two huge gimbals, surrounded by multiple controls, detailed below. At the top, a huge full colour screen with a 480 x 272 px resolution. Aside from the screen size and colours, this new screen positioning is an upgrade to the old Taranis, as you don’t have to look down as you had to do in the Taranis in order to see the info on the display.

Right in the middle of the front panel we can find a metallic strap base, where we’ll be able to link our neck strap. If we lift this metal part we can find the power button to turn on and off the transmitter, which was hidden at first sight!

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