Press Release: January 26, 2010

It has been announced that E-resistible.co.uk has been hundreds of hungry Internet users for free around the country via its online ordering system. The site, which links users to local takeaways, has been offering free takeaway food around the country for the past 12 months.

Food for help started in 2009 but was never advertised, it was carefully kept discreet with E-resistible.co.uk to avoid too fast expansion. The scheme relied on word of mouth and involved people from all around the country. Students and regular Internet users have been helping E-resistible.co.uk for an hour or so some random nights, and in return, were given free takeaway! It is understood that all jobs done were one-offs, and whoever did good work was later called upon, some offered full-time employment.

Director, Stephen Leguillon, explains: E-resistible has been growing very fast, in all directions. Were it live or online, we need help from as many people as possible, but employing endless amounts of people wasnt really an option in these times of recession. The Food for help idea was a sweet solution. We could perfectly control the costs, whilst directly promoting certain of our partner restaurants and the website. People could get the work done from home; most people only did it once or twice, random promotion jobs, which they may have heard of from friends. Essentially, it came down to the same vouchers you can find on voucher sites, we often just issued some 30-50% discounts. When a person helped us out, we gave them a voucher. Then they often got their entire group of friends or their family to order, using the voucher they received.

E-resistible.co.uk has already revolutionised the way takeaway is ordered and it is now dedicated to bring innovation into its work management methods. As Stephen Leguillon explains, we have work to do and were happy to give out discounts, but unfortunately, in this world, nothing comes for free!

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E-resistible is an online takeaway website. It connects customers to local takeaways, enabling users to place orders online. Users can order a variety of cuisines, from takeaways and restaurants in their area, all via a single website. Currently, e-resistible serves over 17,000 users in the UK, via 400+ partner outlets in over 40 towns in the UK.
E-resistible Directors are Stephen Leguillon, Velin Djidjev and Steve Barnes, friends and graduates from Warwick Business School.

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