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International Public Arts Conference bringing experts to Tirana!

Press Release: October 22, 2018

Public Arts Space (HARP.al) - TIRANA, October 2018 On October 22, from 4-8pm an International Public Conference on "Arts in Public Spaces" will take place in the Pazari i Ri, Fruit & Veggie Market, Tirana.
The conference is open to the general public, accessible to all citizens, and includes coloring activities for adults & children. Speakers from Canada, Netherlands, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania will present various examples and initiatives to raise awareness, build dialogue, and encourage more community participation through arts in public spaces of Tirana.

Artists presenting their works are Dritan Mardodaj presenting photographs and video, Oda Haliti, and Ledia Kostandini with ZING CITY bringing together adults and kids for coloring activities.

Speakers include Blerina Berberi, Albania (HARP project), Florent Mehmeti, Kosovo (HAPU, In Situ), Biljana Tanurovska, Macedonia ("Cultural spaces for active citizens", KinoKultura), Theo Tegelaers, the Netherands (TAAK), Hristina Mikic, Serbia (Creative Economy Group) and Kevin Tummers, Canada "Public Arts Laureates". There will also be an open mic opportunity for anyone wishing to share their ideas. This activity is part of the larger project "Engaging Tirana's Communities in Public Arts and Policies" from Ekphrasis Studio (NGO) which has received the first UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity for the country, among 7 selected worldwide in 2017. Since March 2018, Ekphrasis Studio has created the first public arts map for Tirana, organized 6 workshops, conducted a chronological research about Tirana's artistic expression in public spaces, and gathered responses from surveys, to be presented at the conference and will also be part of the recommendations for a Public Arts Policy and Action Plan for Tirana Municipality and Ministry of Culture. The project continues in 2019 with Tirana's community celebrations of artistic expressions in open public spaces.

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