Home “International Political & Environmental Folly – Edition 7” by Daniel Tissington is published

“International Political & Environmental Folly – Edition 7” by Daniel Tissington is published

Press Release: November 18, 2019

ISBN #978-1789553918

“International Political & Environmental Folly – Edition 7” by Daniel Tissington is published

About the Book:

International Political & Environmental Folly - Edition 7 [issued in early 2019] was started after a two year stint in USA & Canada was completed in 1959.

This publication shows that political organisations are taking too much money from the public and using it incorrectly. The politicians blame the banks for the same reason but it is thought that both are to blame.

The politicians appear to be taking the global warming threat seriously but do not seem to recognise the full story since the physicists who advise the Government appear to have gotten the issue wrong too.

This is a complex matter which is explained in the book entitled above. It is serious matter because eventually & SOON the central black hole of our galaxy, the Milky Way, which has been taking up space matter for millions of years will explode because the temperature and pressure rise with the take up till the system melts.... followed a few milliseconds later by a nuclear explosion. This will undo the mechanism that holds our galaxy together and chaos will reign, killing all Earth bound life unless....

The book at Edition 7 goes on to explain how to shift the solar system out of 'OUR GALAXY' thereby saving the LIFE STOCK of Mother Earth. Of course, that assumes the task is completed before the predicted event takes place.

The author gave up the impossible task of warning Central Government
of the situation that was being built up by local authorities & Central Government in 2007 and bought a property in the Caribbean. It was then he decided to carry out the seemingly impossible task of getting enough information to halt the 'progress' of local authority & Central Government.

This matter was solved by mentally returning to the UK research station that employed the writer as a scientist in charge of the Physics Electronic Section where coating of plastic bodies with a 'metal skin' was discussed. Although the BH termination is somewhat different, the writer solved the case of BH's behaviour from the result of that recalled investigation, and the book developed from that standpoint. The book warns that a serious matter exists unless action is promptly taken.

About the Author:

Born in 1925, the author served in The Royal Navy and was loaned to the Royal Canadian Navy during WW2. He and his wife Joan (who has now passed on) have three daughters. Following demobilization from the Royal Navy, the author studied mathematics, physics, and electronics which were put to use in the USA and Canada. Returning to England, the author settled in Hertfordshire and was employed in research, military, medical, industrial electronics, nucleonics, and avionics. On retiring, the author relocated to Dorset where he obtained his pilot's license and later his own Cessna Aircraft for recreational use. He also indulged in another hobby, horology. Later still, an attempt to relocate to his Caribbean retreat ended due to ill health. The author underwent spinal surgery in January 2011 and hopes to renew his recreational flying in due course.

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