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International Investment Universal International Ventures (Commodities Hold On)

Press Release: March 16, 2010

Sources close to analysts at Universal International Ventures say that the continuing trend among investors for investing in commodities as a hedge against current and future currency devaluation is unlikely to reverse any time soon.

The firm believes that resilience in the price of several commodities including gold, crude oil and copper is indicative not only of the remarkable recovery of emerging economies but also of the concern among investors over the steady devaluation of currencies like the British Pound which has fallen by 25% since the onset of the financial crisis.

Universal International Ventures sources suggest that the laborious recoveries underway in the developed economies may give way to double dip recession which would result in additional stimulus being introduced to reinvigorate the pace of recovery.

Such events, say the Universal International Ventures sources, would undoubtedly require further monetization of sovereign debt over and above that which has already occurred.

The firm has reissued advice to clients to retain their holdings of precious metals.

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