Home Interiors-MKW Surfaces supplies Belgian Blue Limestone worktops and bathroom surfaces for Grand Designs Channel 4, Herne Hill

Interiors-MKW Surfaces supplies Belgian Blue Limestone worktops and bathroom surfaces for Grand Designs Channel 4, Herne Hill

Press Release: November 14, 2017

London, 28th October 2017: MKW Surfaces in London, United Kingdom supplies Belgian Blue Limestone worktops and bathroom surfaces to the popular British home renovations show Grand Designs Channel 4, Herne Hill. In the episode, Herne Hill, the show presenter of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud, pays a visit to the couple Beth Dadswell and Andrew Wilbourne’s crumbling old Victorian dairy in South East London to transform it into a family home.

This episode aired on the British television on October 4, 2017, drew an immense response from the audience. The fans who watched the episode were thrilled at the end result. The estate cost the couple nearly £1 million in its original state with crumbling brickwork, unstable roof, and rotting wood. With only £260,000 budget and about 6 months of time in their hands, the team of Grand Designs had to comply with the choices made by the owners of this property. Since MKW Surfaces is known to work with a variety of decorators and interior designers, Grand Designs hired them for the purpose of stone worktop installation. Offering a guarantee of over 25 years on all branded materials, this company has gained much appreciation in the United Kingdom. The stone worktop supplied to Beth and Andrew's Herne Hill residence was Belgian Blue Limestone, also available at MKW Surfaces website, mobile app and their physical store in London.

Belgian Blue limestone is a natural stone with a soft black background containing small fossils spread about unaligned. It is also possible to see subtle hints of grey under bright light. It is a remarkable and calciferous stone ideal for use in traditional or modern spaces combining the grace of a nature-made stone to any interior or exterior area including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, utility rooms, and patio flooring. Quarried in the regions of Mazi and Huizingen, Belgium, it is exported to the UK to authorized distributors and suppliers like the MKW Surfaces in London. This stone is available in polished and honed, aged, bush hammered, sandblasted and tumbled finishes. These tiles are available in slabs of 20mm and 30mm thickness as flooring and a matte finish offers a softer look on this hard-wearing work of nature.

About MKW Surfaces, London, UK:
MKW Surfaces is a high-end surfaces company in London. MKW is an authorized dealer and supplier of all natural stones. The company has a reputation of upholding higher standards and guaranteeing customer satisfaction by offering up to 30 years of warranty on its branded products.

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