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INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH – Enterprise Search based on neuronal networks

Press Release: July 29, 2020

New generation of INTERGATOR enterprise search based on artificial intelligence combines lexical and semantic-associative search

INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH is a fundamental further development of INTERGATOR enterprise search on the basis of neural networks. It combines a lexical and a semantic-associative search within one solution. Unlike a conventional company search, INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH offers a thematic view of the structured and unstructured data scattered throughout the company. An explorative search with a hitherto unique graphical user interface component – the so-called context map – visualizes thematically grouped search hits and thus shows connections between terms and data. In SMART SEARCH, documents and data are not only prepared in a structured way in an index, but also analyzed with neural networks via machine learning and the recognized properties are transferred into a model.

The special feature of INTERGATOR is that the model-based, context-sensitive search in a query can be combined with keywords, wildcards and metadata filters (so-called facets) – if required also with Boolean operators and classic query syntax. The INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH searches semantic-associative, cross-lingual, natural-language and can find other documents using example documents or images.

“With INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH we are opening a new chapter of enterprise search. Over the last few months we have completely rethought the way information is found within a company. With our neural search technology we enable a completely new search experience, especially for systematic searches”, says Dr. Uwe Crenze, managing director of interface projects GmbH.” Our pre-trained AI models are automatically adapted to the company’s vocabulary during indexing, thus enabling targeted use in a wide range of business processes,” adds Eduard Daoud, also managing director at interface projects GmbH.

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