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Interest in higher education supported by sports scholarships grows

Press Release: August 05, 2016

FuturePro USA Helping Students in Choosing the Right University for Higher Education in the United States

London, 4th August 2016: Over 10,000 students from UK have been going to the United States for university education. Many of them are also inspired by the prospects of a fulfilling career in sports and fruitfully use their skills in a game to fund their education. With so many universities in a large country like the US, a prime challenge is to choose the right college. FuturePro USA is guiding students in applying for the best ones.

FuturePro USA regularly invites students to take assessment tests for sports scholarships including soccer scholarship in USA. It also considers their preferences for the colleges where they plan to study and their chosen field of study. Based on such information and their performance in the eligibility test, the organisation helps meritorious students in applying for grants.

Scholars from United Kingdom typically go for undergraduate and post-graduate studies but some of them also take short-term courses for special professions. With the financial support of a scholarship, it becomes easier for them to pursue their academic goals. When such a scholarship also helps them to practise their skills in a favourite sport, it feels even better to live in a new country.

This is what Simon White says about his experience with FuturePro USA as an institute, “With so many colleges in Georgia, it was not easy for me to decide where to apply for my course and also win a scholarship for football. FuturePro USA helped me understand all the possibilities. They had a fair assessment that I cleared and then helped me apply for a scholarship that funds my education liberally. I have never been to the USA before and am excited to work as a soccer coach while also pursuing my studies in science.”

About Future Pro USA

Founded by David Bainbridge, Future Pro USA Ltd is an organisation that supports young UK athletes who are determined to achieve athletic and academic success in United States of America. David has graduated from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. Besides studying for his degree, he captained his university team and enjoyed a wonderful 4 year experience.
His own poor experience with some UK agencies - that had promised to get him a US scholarship but did not do so despite an upfront payment - inspired David to start a genuine agency of his own. At Future Pro USA, clients pay only half of deposit at the beginning of any program and 50% balance when the company starts the Visa process. The organisation is helping students secure scholarships in soccer, golf, tennis, swimming and few other international sports.

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