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Interactive Video E-Learning Solution for Students

Press Release: April 09, 2021

Acadecraft is a UK-based organization that offers e-learning solutions to students, educators, small enterprises, and big organizations. The main objective of it is to deliver all forms of educational content through online mediums. 
The main highlight of their e-learning solution is the interactive video-learning solution which has been launched for educators, students and businesses. Acadecraft is constantly striving towards innovation and utilization of technology in order to develop educational video content. 
Acadecraft has got two different types of video e-learning solution:
1.                 Video lecture services 
The video lecture service incorporates manual and software solutions to flawlessly carry out the lecture. There are several types of services ranging from:
●         Video captions service- Through the video caption service, Acadecraft offers realistic and easily comprehensible captions that explain the audio-visual content of the video. 
●         Subtitling and structuring service- It is an in-depth review process of video files along with keeping its logic intact. The team is dedicated to checking the tags in the video as well as redesigning its structure for a better result. 
●         Refunctionality service- Through the video functionality service, the team at Acadecraft offers a video caption creation service for assessment solutions.  
●         Testing and assessment service- Being an accessible video lecture service provider, Acadecraft also reviews videos from different elements and address convenience issues. The team of experts assesses their videos from different streaming devices to verify their efficiency. 
The service from Acadecraft is available over different sectors ranging from E-learning, K12 schools, and corporate training. It serves as a supplier of accessible video lectures for educational and training purposes in schools, colleges, and clients in the corporate sector. 
2.        Professional accessible video explainer service
Acadecraft develops step-by-step solution-oriented explanatory videos on a wide range of subjects, topics, and concepts. The expert team of video producers at Acadecraft is skilled to curate customized video scripts for its clients. They produce accessible and interactive explanatory-based videos that help in acquiring knowledge in a very short span of time. 
“We customize the video contents to meet the learning objective of our clients. Our videos are found to be of great help even to people with physical disabilities. We assure that our content is both accessible and comprehensible for all kinds of audiences. Our explanatory videos include captions, dubbing, audio descriptions, subtitles, etc, no enhances its accessibility among all our clients. Our well-researched explanatory videos are easily operable and affordable as well. We are a well-reputed name in the market when it comes to the question of the educational video production company” said the CEO of Acadecraft. 
The several types of video explainer service available at Acadecraft are: 
●         Whiteboard animation service- It is known to be an integral part of the explainer video service of Acadecraft. It is utilized in order to develop several explanatory video content for the sole purpose of training in business organizations. It helps the audience to understand a product or a service in a quick span of time. The videos are made with the help of well-researched content that breaks down complex concepts into simpler ones. 
●         Stop motion service- It is a service that is offered by the skilled video editors at Acadecraft who develop attractive stop motion videos that help to deliver knowledge to the audience in a different manner. It grabs the attention of the viewers and keeps them glued to the video. Short and crisp advertisements, product demonstrations, and many more are conveyed through this technique. 
●         Live-action service- Through this service, Acadecraft produces live-action videos that effectively help to achieve the objective of learning and education. It offers all relevant information presented in a simple and attractive way that is easily comprehensible by the audience. 
●         Typography service- Typography helps the clients to present their videos in a decent manner by setting the correct font, size, and color. Typography instantly makes your videos look attractive and hence increases audience engagement. 
Acadecraft covers a huge segment of the industry ranging from E-learning, healthcare, and business when it comes to offering explainer video services. 
Moreover, the Acadecraft interface is very simple and easy to use. The clients who avail their service, experience high-quality HD video, and audio streaming through their web browser. Clients are remarkably happy and satisfy with the service of Acadecraft. 

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