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Intentions for Civil Legal Aid Contracts from April 2018

Press Release: July 15, 2017

Leicestershire, 10th July, 2017
D G Legal is one firm that provides you guidance with utmost precision for your legal matters. Their level of expertise distinguishes them from their competitors.
According to a spokesperson, “Towards the end of 2015 a document was published with an aim to schedule the end date for civil legal aid contracts.” The document mainly focused on fulfilling these two goals:
• To ensure that one receives better civil legal advice based on the new 2018 Standard Civil Contract.
• Facilitate specialist telephone advice for civil legal aid contract by 2018. They intend to resume these services by 1st April, 2018.
D G Legal is one company that facilitates relevant information and details required for a particular tender. They have a team of professionals that can suggest to you the best approach for your situation. Besides, they have good amount of experience to provide you with adequate knowledge.
As per the document, “Every provider needs to hold either Special Quality Mark or Lexcel (audited by LAA’s licensed SQM Accredited) Make sure that it is valid during the start date. D G Legal abides by this normand considers applying these standards.
D G Legal consists of a team of experienced professionals which can facilitate quality services to their clients. Each team member has provided services to one of their elite clients in the legal system. They possess a perfect blend of expertise and functioning which makes them stand out of the clutter.
Furthermore, they have a flexible and responsive service procedure which is suitable for almost all clients. One can seek their consultation for explicit legal matters and at frequent intervals. They can also assist for a particular project.
They will be glad to offer free initial meetings so that they can assist to enrich the legacy of your firm.
If you wish to know more about the firm or would like to discuss your query then you can call on: 01509 214999 or fill up a form on: http://dglegal.co.uk/contact-us/

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