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Integrated Management, Professional Approach and Trained Designers at The CAD Room

Press Release: January 30, 2016

The CAD Room is one of the most highly recognised and recommended BIM companies operating across UK, a recent global expansion means The CAD Room also now have a base in the UAE, making them a significant global force in CAD and BIM. They are an outsourcing firm, offering the highest level of CAD design and BIM services to clients across the world. Outsourcing is seen as a cost effective and efficient solution to all who wish to buy in the best services for their project in a cost efficient way.

The CAD Room have spent many years learning the nuances of BIM and understanding the issues and challenges involved in implementing BIM into a project. Their expertise makes them one of the most reliable and knowledgeable BIM companies in the UK to date. Their proficiency in this area makes them the go-to company in the UK and globally.

A senior spokesperson from The CAD Room said yesterday “We are proud to be offering high quality BIM service in the UK and beyond, our highly trained staffs have developed a specific set of skills and expertise around CAD and BIM, which make them, and we unique placed to be one of the leading BIM companies in the UK today.”

This firm is known for its flexibility, receptive attitude and quality development of designs. They work across the UK and have stamped their mark on projects in Manchester, Leeds, London and their hometown Stockport as well as other cities and towns across the UK. They are a team of professional, diligent and energetic individuals who are highly trained and experienced. Their procedures and operating standards are to a professional level, incorporating a customer friendly approach, all make them reliablepartners for your project.

An intelligent 3D project management achieved through Revit MEP Suite BIM software to offering 2D and 3D CAD services London, Leeds, Manchester and Stockport, The CAD Room fulfils multifarious roles to suit the needs of the clients and have a satisfied, happy and professionally update customer base.

About Us
The CAD Room is one of the leading BIM companies and service providers, offering a range of different CAD services, offering 2D and 3D CAD designs. With offices in the UK and UAE, The CAD Room offer unrivalled expertise in the delivery of global BIM Compliance and BIM services. For more information about what The CAD Room can offer you, visit their website www.thecadroom.co.uk

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The CAD Room Ltd
Suite 3A Marple House
39 Stockport Road, Marple
Stockport, SK6 6BD
Tel: +44 (0)161 427 0348

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