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Integral Fiction Releases Fast-paced Political Thriller

Press Release: December 10, 2018

Edinburgh based publisher Integral Fiction has released the thrillingly fast-paced Project Nova by Katy Moran. The novel deals with the future of government controlled Artificial Intelligence and the effects that it could have on society.

Set in a near future dystopian London where citizens are tracked and monitored by the government, Jamie Jameson, a disgraced political journalist, stumbles across a government conspiracy that threatens to sever the delicately laced strings of reality. With time running out and increasingly inexplicable events transpiring, she must open old wounds to untangle the mysteries of a technological masterpiece capable of altering the fabric of humanity.

Katy Moran has always been fascinated with how artificial intelligence and advancements in technology can influence so many aspects of our lives. This fascination became the basis for Project Nova. Born in South Africa, Katy now lives in Edinburgh. Project Nova is Moran's debut novel

Find out More: https://www.integralfiction.com/projectnova

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