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Innovative healthcare app giving patients a voice in the management of their care.

Press Release: June 12, 2020

The PeopleWith™ app has the potential to ensure the continuity of care for patients with long term conditions as it enables patients to provide recorded evidence to their Health care provider so they can be managed remotely over the months ahead.

The app’s developers decided to release the app at no cost to the user following discussions with healthcare professionals about the potential benefits of accessing deeper intelligence, to enhance remote management of patients with long term conditions and help overcome the disruption to services presented by Covid-19.

“We’ve been researching and developing the PeopleWith™ app for the last four years,” explains the app’s founder Mark Bradley. “It’s a health app that will have an important part to play in the remote management of patients with long term conditions, as access to services may not be as readily available post COVID-19.”

The PeopleWith app enables everyone to record a diagnosis, medications, and symptoms. It’s also able to factor in other health-related issues that influence people’s health profiles.

Mark Bradley is no stranger to healthcare. He started his career on the front-line over 30 years ago as a Registered General Nurse, moving on to work as a trauma centre manager and then as a pharmaceutical industry professional. He formed PeopleWith in 2017 to research and develop a technology for patients to give them a voice in the management of their care.

He and his team have spent years researching, consulting with experts, and capturing feedback from patient advocacy groups across multiple conditions including ADHD, Menopause, Parkinson's and Dementia to name a few. The PeopleWith technology platform and the app are the result.

The healthcare technology business, which is based in Northern Ireland, has developed a sophisticated symptom evidence functionality that captures deeper intelligence into how multiple health conditions develop and progress. By mapping what happens to patients’ conditions in the real world, it aims to help inform better treatment planning.

“Gathering credible data direct from patients to enable them to present in remote interactions with healthcare providers, enhances the clinician-patient encounters and provides reassurance to patients that their health is being managed effectively”.

After researching the negative impact on patients with long-term conditions through national emergencies, Bradley decided to make it available at no cost to the user.

Quote from Peter Passmore, Professor of Ageing and Geriatric Medicine at Queens University Belfast.

“Having access to more intelligence on exact recorded levels of impairment and the control or progression of their condition can only prove beneficial for myself and my colleagues, who are tasked with managing patients through these challenging times. It’s also great for patients who can be reassured that their condition is being managed effectively despite the current circumstance”

Mark is now calling on people to download the PeopleWith app free from the App store and to start recording their health as soon as possible.

“This PeopleWith app is aimed at everyone interested in recording their health, to present evidence and enhance the quality of their clinician interactions by ensuring they remember all details on their health,” he says.

For those concerned with data privacy and protection issues, Mark is keen to offer assurance that all information captured will remain anonymous, safe and secure, no personal data will be used for identification or advertising.

“What has been fascinating is how patients with long term conditions have limited access to services, Post COVID-19, with their care being managed through remote conversations with their Doctors,” explains Mark. “It’s a real challenge for your healthcare professionals to understand what you’re going through in the few minutes or so that you have with them”

“By allocating a few minutes each day, to record my symptoms over the last few weeks, I was able to show my Doctor the effect my medications were having on me. I have always found it difficult remembering everything that I wanted or needed to tell my Doctor. This app now allows me to do this. Thank you” User quote from app store.

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