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Innovative citizen engagement application to enhance citizen relationship

Press Release: November 04, 2020

eeping citizens engaged with their local communities can be a challenging endeavor. Spread across a patchwork of government organizations, private companies, and locally organized groups, it can be challenging for locals to know exactly where to look in order to find important and up-to-date information about their community.

Even the most well-intentioned cities can find themselves stuck reaching out to its citizens with little to no success. Between hard-to-find phone numbers, outdated municipal webpages, and even flyers posted on local bulletin boards, engaging community members needs to be made into a 21st-century activity that’s just as simple as ordering a taxi or takeout from a smartphone.

An easier way to reach out to local citizens

Launching a mobile app for community engagement makes it easy to connect with local citizens. As a single point-of-contact for up-to-date community information, a mobile citizen engagement platform makes it easy for residents to connect with local organizations from a tap of their smartphone.

Civita App is a mobile engagement application that reduces friction between community members and their local governments, utility districts, and organizations. Through a convenient, easy-to-use mobile application, Civita App makes it easy to reach community members, efficiently manage local requests, and keep citizens happy.

The city of Ontario, CA, uses Civita App as the underlying technology for its myOntario mobile engagement app. Intended to help keep Ontario a clean and safe community, myOntario makes it easy to find information about local parks and facilities, browse upcoming events, and conveniently report maintenance and service issues. Bluetooth beacons also make it possible for residents and visitors to get automatic information while exploring city locations.

The advantages of a community engagement app

By launching your own community engagement application, your city can provide residents with convenient access to information, events, and services from a single trusted source. Reserving facility times, seeing event schedules, and reporting issues like graffiti or potholes can all be taken care of from the home screen of a smartphone, reducing the need to access multiple websites, directories, or social media feeds to find the local information they seek.

Rattle Tech, the community engagement app development experts behind Civita App, offers a full range of smart city management software solutions. From building a complete mobile civic engagement application to implementing Internet of Things (IoT) Bluetooth beacons, the Civita App platform makes it easy to launch a mobile app that keeps locals engaged. To see how Civita App’s community engagement application can transform your local community, Schedule a demo today!


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