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Innovative addiction rehab therapies from Reflections bring change

Press Release: January 15, 2015

London, Jan 15, 2015 - Reflections is a bespoke clinic located in the beautiful environs in North London and offering bespoke treatment programmes for treating stress, trauma and addiction. The clinic has introduced newly devised addiction rehabilitation programme based on the bespoke treatment. The innovative programme is bringing changes in life patterns of addicts and helping them to move towards positivity.

The unique clinic has special programmes to treat all forms of addiction, including Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food, Sex etc. Addiction to particular substance or certain kinds of behaviours is quite prominent in modern way of living, and the programme has been effectively designed to soothe their internal pain.

The bespoke programme is innovative, and plays substantial role in enhancing quality of life. The programme provides positive thoughts and help individuals under addiction to boost their morale and confidence.

The therapists at Reflections work with a serious concerted aim to find the right type of therapy to suit specific treatment needs. Use of state of the art talking therapies such as CBT, psychodynamic therapy, complemented by traditional medical advice, complementary therapies, nutrition etc., make phenomenal difference in the life.

Reflections Addictions programme also ensures that clients are treated with holistic purpose to minimise the suffering and build up the environment for treatable condition. The programme develops an understanding in addict on how to overcome the addiction experienced by him or her.

The Reflections programme - incorporates the first and second stage treatments, maintaining the recovery in a permanent way, and the addict would lead a healthy, happy and successful life.

About Reflections:

Reflections is a holistic rehab centre offering bespoke therapy programme to deal with critical life situations such as stress, addiction, anxiety and depression. The centre is resourceful and provides extensive course of treatment to give individuals a happy, promising and useful life. The experienced therapists working in Reflections, plays instrumental role in devising cognitive behaviour therapies to treat all types of addiction.

After the initial psychiatric analysis, the therapists at Reflections work with the client to create bespoke plan of sessions, ranging from two intense full day sessions, through to several months' comprising four hour long sessions, a few times a week. With wide choice of therapists and integrated therapy system designed to meet individual needs, Reflections has tried to take the first step towards life changing activities that transform life and provide variety.

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Website: http://thebespokeprogramme.com/

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