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Innovation LEDs saves consumers a fortune on LED lighting

Press Release: September 26, 2015

The reason why LED lights are so popular is due to the fact consumers can save up to 90% on lighting bills just by replacing a Halogen light bulb. LED Lights last 10-20 times longer than Halogen lighting, and in turn waste much less energy in the form of heat. They also come in frosted, clear, and filament styles to give an identical look of older incandescent lighting while providing all the benefits of LED and are designed to be retrofit replacements for typical B15, B22, E14, and E27 light fittings.

Unfortunately with the recent boom in LED technology, there are many cheap imitations of LED lighting which have popped up on the market aiming to make a quick unethical buck, in turn making the job of finding genuinely outstanding products a tedious issue for consumers.

A new company named Innovation LEDs aims to forward the world wide LED revolution by pushing out fully tested quality products across the UK that have won consumer awards from reputable testing companies such as ‘Which? Magazine’ and ‘Lux Awards’. They operate differently from many other LED companies by placing an emphasis on consumer quality recognition over brand names.

In celebration of their recent launch, Innovation LEDs will be offering a flat 10% discount on all orders on top of already heavily discounted prices on their website starting October 1st to November 1st. The code to enter on the checkout page is “HOL861”.

Their Reviews (http://www.innovationleds.co.uk/pages/customer-reviews):

Paul T. “excellent service and value for money we will be buying all our bulbs from you thanks.”

Richard G. “The Best, outstanding performance - Brightest led gu10's definitely equivalent to 50 watt, halogen.”

Alliance C. “Excellent product brilliant service.”

Their Key Products

Which? Best Buy Spotlights 2015 Integral 5.3W GU10 (50W Equivalent) LED
Which? Best Buy Light Bulbs 2015 Integral 8.2W Classic Globe (60W Equivalent) LED
Which? Best Buy Light Bulbs 2015 Integral 12.5W (100W Equivalent) LED

More Information

For more information about LED lighting, one can visit the official Innovation LEDs website at http://www.innovationleds.co.uk/

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