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Inkatechnology.co.uk support the Smoke-Free cause

Press Release: March 26, 2010

Inkatechnology.co.uk has always been very particular about the environmental changes and its impact on people, animals and plants. That is why; you will witness a smoke-free environment in our office premises that strongly emphasizes on the clean and pollution free surrounding for all employees. This human attitude is well portrayed in some of our CSR applications, just to create awareness in our limited capacity and SmokeFree Facebook Application is the one of the examples of our CSR application development projects, said Manager The Brains Ltd.

Inkatechonology.co.uk has tried its best to support such noble causes to denounce this killing habit, which is very common in both genders of all ages, and the worst part our Youth is getting involved in it so magnetically. This SmokeFree Facebook application is like an instructor or rather a self-analysis mentor, that allows you to create your profile and submit your smoke-free or smoke-full answers mentioned there. It asks you if you have smoked today or not, and as it requires your daily updates so it automatically stores your data and keeps you motivated towards quitting this catastrophic habit of smoking in a dramatic manner.

SmokeFree Facebook Application has a community forum, where people can meet with one another to share common interests, tips and suggestions on How to quite Smoke and talk about how successful their SmokeFree campaign is going. Also, you can invite your friends to make a SmokeFree troupe there which will be the inspiring act for others.

InkaTechnology.co.uk asks everyone to join hands together for this righteous reason and multiply the number of SmokeFree supporters. You can check SmokeFree Facebook Application at www.inkatechnology.co.uk

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