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Inkatechnology.co.uk says No-Smoking

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Inkatechnology.co.uk has always been very supportive when it comes to environmental changes, thereby you will see inkatechnology.co.uk in a couple of CSR applications development. We dont say we are perfect, and dont do wrong things, we all do at one point of time or another but endorsing such causes make our beliefs strong and we feel more inclined towards betterment, said Manager Inkatechnology.co.uk.

On 10th of March, 2010, Inkatechnology.co.uk is going to launch Quit-Smoking Facebook application on international No-smoking day. To condemn this drastic habit, one of our client is beginning UKs leading health campaign for those smokers who actually want to quit this catastrophic act, which is common in all ages, genders and regions but this Facebook application is particularly targeting people of UK.

We Quit Facebook application has been designed on PHP and AJAX, by the professional Facebook application developers team. The first phase of this app was already released in the form of teasers, which grasped a hell lot of traffic. Through the first phase, we have been able to grasp those people who find an urge to quit smoking for their own reasons.

We Quite Facebook application allows you to access tips and advices to make it possible to quit smoking, video blogs are there for your guidance, Forums to discus Smoking related issues, opportunity to meet amazing people who have strong will against smoking habit and cute PLEDGES to knock out a bit loud. You actually can post reasons that motivated you towards quitting decision which will automatically allure other people as well.

Inkatechnology.co.uk invites you to join hands in hands with We Quit No-Smoking campaign on 10th March 2010 Wednesday and show the world that everything is in your control, you are the driver of your own car, never let the smoke burn your life. Your life is not only yours, those who love you equally own you, said Manager Inkatechnology.co.uk.

If you want to launch any of your social campaign with us, just drop a brief description at www.inkatechnology.co.uk

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