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Inkatechnology.co.uk arranges Brainstorming session with Developers Team

Press Release: March 05, 2010

The brainstorming session was actually the most-needed gathering we usually organize at the first week of every month, so we did on 3rd of March. This seems a Tea-break kind of thing but we actually mined out the most exceptional ideas about the upcoming projects and strategies, along with sandwiches, biscuits, coffee and a lot of giggles, said Manager Inkatechnology.co.uk.

We discussed various aspect of Facebook applications development and are glad that what we were facing for last two months, will no more be a trouble for us. We did sort out a couple of development issues, said Facebook applications development Coordinator. There were things thrashed out about the new born baby of Google, Google Buzz, how this new, interesting and socially active Google Buzz can create a place in the clutter of giant social media networks since the Google has never succeed in this social-area. It was the buzzing subject too.

Inkatechonlogy.co.uk was being quite generous to accept all kind of feedback from the development team members and their enthusiasm and keen interest actually doubled the treat. iPhone applications were the second big topic, which created a little problem in some places but again brainstorming always brings something unique and useful, so a junior iPhone application developer won the crown. One of our junior developers suggested some really innovative strategic games which can be developed under strict resources and it was the best part.

Bebo applications, twitter applications, friendster applications and J2ME Mobile applications were also being discussed and sooner a couple of applications will be working under the name of inkatechonlogy.co.uk.

We at inkatechnology.co.uk are hoping to continue our brainstorming sessions in the coming months, so that the rusted part of our brain can be cleaned. I would like to thank all my developers team who always show up with utter novelty and dedication. Yes I do proud of them, said Manager Inkatechnology.co.uk

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